The Vission Behind Dhamma Vinay Monastry

BHSBS vision is to fulfill Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar(Babasaheb) envision of a Prabuddha Samaj (Enlightened Society) based on the principles of dignity, justice, equality, freedom and fraternity.
BHSBS strive for active peace and work towards equal access and rights over resources and services, without any prejudice, discrimination or exclusion on any basis, including caste, class, race, gender, age, religion, abilities, regions, language or property.
BHSBS strive for a society where human rights and equal dignity of all are respected and there is no place for exploitation or oppression.

Following the instructions in the last discourse of the Enlightened One, the genuine Buddha relics are enshrined at the top of a large central hall where about 8,000 Vipassana students can sit and meditate jointly, getting advantage of the powerful vibrations emanating from the relics.
With the genuine relics enshrined, the Pagoda has become a centre of tremendous attraction for the devotees of the Buddha around the world to come and pay their respects to the relics and get the message of Vipassana – the quintessence of the teaching of the Enlightened One that is lost in their countries also. Hence, this magnificent structure will also be a great symbol for creating goodwill amongst countries that have traditionally revered the Buddha.

During the past nearly one-and-half to two millennia, the actual historical truth about the life and teachings of the Enlightened One has not only disappeared from the country but a gross misinformation has spread making him a mythological divine figure, completely forgetting his historical human reality. Besides, his rational, scientific teachings were totally misunderstood and became wrongly considered as just another of the many sectarian dogmas and religious tenets. The Pagoda will have an informative gallery exhibiting the actual historical life of the Buddha, and the benefit of the practice of Vipassana derived during his lifetime.
The Pagoda will be a vehicle for the spread of the Buddha’s true teaching that emphatically opposes any sectarian, casteist, religious dogmas. The teaching is already proving to be an ideal bridge for peace, tolerance and harmony across all the communal and regional divides splintering India today. The strongly secular nature of Vipassana is further proved by its acceptance amongst people of all religions, nations, sects and socio-cultural backgrounds.
Vipassana courses are taking root even in some of the staunchly sectarian countries.

The Maitreya Dhamma Bhumi is visible proof of the re-awakening of the Buddha’s teachings in India, and the acceptance of the teachings around the world. It is an expression of gratitude to Myanmar, the country that preserved Vipassana, the practical essence of the Buddha’s Teaching. It embodies our gratitude to U Ba Khin, who enabled each of us today to find the path to liberation.

Centuries ago, India served humanity at large by distributing the invaluable gift of Vipassana. This proved so very effective and beneficial that people accepted and adopted it wholeheartedly. History now is repeating itself, with the rapid spread of Vipassana to many countries across the six continents. The Maitreya Dhamma Bhumi will be a central symbol of this spiritual tradition.
Acharya Goenkaji’s most fervent Dhamma wish was fulfilled in November 2008 when the construction of the Maitreya Dhamma Bhumi was completed. He hopes that this monument will act as a bridge between different communities, different sects, different countries and different races to make the world a more harmonious and peaceful place.