Why A Stupa

While explaining the importance of Stupa founded on Relics, Bhagawan Buddha himself gave this clear instruction that the Relics of his body should be enshrined in a STUPA at a public place in some capital city, so that devoted people could pay respect to them and earn merit.

The Unique feature of this project is the construction of a Stupa in the ancient Indian, The Great Stupa of Sanchi -style in which Relics of the Bhagawan Buddha and Arahants will be enshrined.

The features of Sanchi Stupa being –

  • A Central pillar, Yashtisymbolizing the cosmic axis and supports
  • A Triple umbrella structure, Chattra, which is held to represent the Three Jewels of Buddhism—The Buddha, The Dhamma (doctrine), and The Sangha (The Monastic order).