DVMP Stupa: Height 42 ft

Diameter: 58 ft

  • The Stupa is a Recreation of Great Sanchi enshrining the relics of Bhagawan Buddha and Ven. Arhants.
  • The structure of Stupa is planned to be made in brick dome structure
  • The brick dome will be designed to accommodate around 200 Upasak at first level and base level with another 150 upasak which will be open for paying homage to the Relics and for Meditation and other Dhamma

Sanchi Stupa: Height 54 ft

Diameter: 120 ft

  • The Mahastupa was built by King Ashoka (304-232 BCE) in the 3rd century BCE to house the relics of Bhagawan Buddha.
  • The structure was originally built in brick with the nucleus as the relics with dressed stone outer layers.
  • It is one of finest and oldest monument in India and is a World heritage site.
  • This stupa helped enumerable Upasakas on the path of enlightenment.