Bahujan Hitay Samajik Bandhilki Sanstha

Established: 2015
Registered Charitable Trust F-46355/P.
 Exempt under 80G of Incometax Act 1961.
FCRA registered under The Govt. Of India

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Bahujan Hitay Samajik Bandhilki Sanstha

Bahujan Hitay Samajik Bandhilki Sanstha(BHSBS) is a national platform for the Bahujans of India. BHSBS is committed to an inclusive, progressive, secular, democratic and non-sectarian society. While firmly believing in equality, social justice and equal dignity for all, BHSBS promotes democracy, human rights, sustainable development and peace and reconciliation with the perspective of the socially excluded SC/ST and minorities. BHSBS is a membership-based platform. Its membership is open to all persons working for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Minorities and other socially excluded sections of Indian society. It has evolved organically through a democratic process of creative engagement of the downtrodden community with secular, democratic and progressive forces, civil society and governance structures at various levels in Indian Society. BHSBS works towards the advancement of socially excluded sections through innovative programmes, enabling strategies, and community based interventions that tap on the synergies of various stakeholders working towards the goals of social, economic, cultural and political empowerment of Bahujans and other. While firmly believing that the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes are the most vulnerable, excluded and disadvantaged in India, BHSBS emphasizes that the emancipator efforts of these historically marginalized sections can only be successful if they lead the movement for the betterment of all the poor, excluded and marginalized with their stake and participation. Therefore, BHSBS works to complement the struggles of women, the working class, the poor, deprived and discriminated on any grounds.

To fulfill the vision of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, all like minded dhammasevka gathered and steered the whole State of Mharashtra tremendously for consecutively for 8 years. Delimiting the concept of caste among many bahujans got associated with Bahujan Hitay Sangha. Over whelming response from all bahujans created ray of hope in the mind of society for Social, Political, Economical change. Radical programmes were unveiled to galvanize society at large like JOSHABA(Mahatma Jotirao Phule, Shahu Maharaj and Dr Babasaheb Amberkar), Bahujan Hitay Credit Co-operative Society have been running successfully since establishment.

Today Bahujan Hitay Sangh strategically transformed in to Bahujan Hitay Samajik Bandhilki Sanstha Pune in September 2015. Its been planned to give practical oriented vision to the society with great “Panchasutri” programme.

It includes-
1. Dhamma Prachar and Prasar. 2. KG to PG Programme. 3. Woman Empowerment. 4. Banks/Credit Co-operative Societies. 5. Entrepreneurship Development/Industrial Clusters Development/Employment generation Programmes.